The modern kingdom of Morocco has a very particular geographic location - rather like Spain its neighbor to the north - and this has undoubtedly been a central factor is shaping the country’s history.


: visitors To Morocco quickly have to learn to navigate through the narrow streets of the Median or old towns. In Much 19th century European writing, the Medina of the Maghreb - and of the Arabs world in general - were seen as chaotic places. The Medina’s of Morocco do, however, obey logic, satisfying architectural requirements arising from climatic and religious factors. The streets could be narrow as there was no wheeled transport, there being plenty of pack animals, for carrying goods around.


The word of the KASBAH probably derives from Turkish Kasbah, meaning small town. In contemporary North Africa, it is generally used to refer to the fortified strong point in a city. Morocco also has numerous Kasbah scattered across its territory, in the southern reaches of Morocco the term Kasbah is used to denote often vast fortified villages, Good example can be found near Ouarzazate , Ait Benhaddou and up in the high Atlas at Telouet .there are a fair number of glaoui kasbahs scattered across the southern valley for example Tamnougalt kasbah south of agdz in the draa valley as well AMREDIL KASBAH in the SKOURA.


spectacular though they often are, the Kasbah and ksars are under threat.this form of earth building is vulnerable to the weather, and despite its excellent qualities in the terms of temperature regulation, it needs maintenance .reinforced regions , there is a new wave of mock Kasbah architecture. The Tourist industry may yet fuel some sort of return to traditional - and more ecological - building types, Kasbah are being recycled as hotels at skoura tingher and n’kob ...


The Date palm is the miracle tree of the arid Desert expanses of southern Morocco Wherever there is a good supply of water, oases have sprung up. Although the oasis was originally a wholly natural environment, given the pressure in the scarce resources of the Desert, and it has been «domesticated» for centuries now.


however the vast majority of young Moroccans never get near a night club or a rock concert. But they like to have good time, as is evident if you happen to get invited to a wedding party. At their most elaborate, weddings involve several days of festivals, and large sums are spent on ensuring that fun is had by all. There will be a jolly henna party at which the bride will have elaborate patterns printed on her hands and feet by a relative or (preferably) an expert nakkacha. During the actual wedding party, bride and groom sit upon twin thrones before the assembled guests and receive their best wishes . Custom has it that the bride will appear in seven different costumes


The People of Morocco follow Islam in the main, a monotheistic religion similar to Judaism and Christianity in its philosophical content. Muslims recognize that these three revealed religions have a common basis, and Jews and Christians are referred to as Ahl al kitab ‘The people of the book’. Even so , there are considerable differences in rural , public observance of religious customs and the role of religion in daily life , and when travelling in Morocco it is as well to be aware of this.


there are ten main regions in Morocco : The Rif Mountains in the north , the agriculturally rich Atlantic plains ( from north to south , the Ghrab , chaouia and abda-doukkalla ) , Fes/Meknes and surrounding plains n the middle atlas , the haouz region of Marrakech n the high Atlas , the Souse valley East of Agadir, the anti-atlas , the tafilalet Desert areas of Eastern Morocco , and the southern Desert fronting the Atlantic . Tribal loyalties, language history and landscape give these regions distinctive flavors. Morocco has a 1835 - km coastline, from saidia on the Algerian frontier to la Guerra on the border with Mauritania , of which a fifth lies on the Mediterranean, the Rest facing the Atlantic. Main ports include nador, Tangier, Kenitra and Mohammadia, Casablanca , el jadida ,s afi ,essaouira and agadir .Morocco has long standing claims to the Spanish enclave cities of Melilla and Ceuta on the Mediterranean coast.


Morocco’s climatic zones are varied. while the northern coastal region is in the Mediterranean zone, the proximity of the Atlantic effects the classic Mediterranean pattern of mild , wet winters and warm , dry summers : depressions move across northern Morocco from the ocean, bringing heavier and more reliable rainfall than in much of the rest of Mediterranean basin. The Atlantic cost in the south feels the moderating influence of the ocean even in summer. Away from the coasts, high altitudes and the influence of the Sahara produce a complex set of micro- climates, the further south and east you go.


Morocco is the westernmost country in the Muslim world and for centuries it was the land of the farthest west. Conventionally, Moroccan history is divided into two major periods ; the distant pre-Islamic past , Marked by the Phoenicians and Romans , and the better - documented times of the Islamic dynasties - at their most brilliant during a period roughly equivalent to the European Middle age . From the 16th century onwards the rulers of Morocco were constantly fighting back. The Routes of the gold caravans linking sub-Saharan Africa to North Africa meant that any Moroccan dynasty had certain importance, However as of the 14th century, new routes opened up.


what makes Morocco Different from, say , Spain , in the travel brochures , it is a land peopled by men in flowing robes and Camels , its city full of winding streets , garden courtyards and banquets. It is an Islamic country - but the women «who do not feature in the brochures » are not on the whole veiled. Standing back from the bright postcard and garden courtyards, the Arab- Tamazight dichotomy, Theclichés about tolerance and eternal Moroccan civilization.

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